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Accounting and Auditing Services

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We gauge our own success as a firm by the personal and business success of our clients. Along with our routine bookkeeping and tax services, we pride ourselves in our detail-oriented approach to higher level accounting services. We can help you gain clarity into your business’ financial situation —we will dig deep and identify areas that may be negatively affecting your profitability and potential for growth, all while developing effective solutions to grow your business.

We provide comprehensive strategies to address financial issues that may be affecting your business. We will not only hand over a report with detailed information on where you stand, but we’ll also provide you with advice and create a game plan to help you reach your financial goals.

We provide financial reporting on multiple levels of assurance;


An intensive examination, verification, and exploration of your company’s records and financial systems, including but not limited to internal controls testing, risk assessment, in-depth analysis of all cash, securities, inventory, other assets as well as any accounts payable, debts, and other expenses, conforming to GAAP (Generally Accepted Accounting Practice). This high level of reporting adds credibility to the financial position and performance of your business.


A smaller scale analysis of records with limited assurance; includes but is not limited to conducting a ratio analysis with historical and forecasted results, investigation of any inconsistencies, complex or unusual situations that may impact financial results, regulatory agency communications review, limited reviewing of cash, receivables, inventory, assets and revenue, and a number of other review activities that may be necessary on a case by case basis.


A service offered to assist your business in the presentation and organization of financial statements. Based solely on information the client provides, this service is mainly that of an organizational nature and it does not provide assurance of conformity to GAAP (Generally Accepted Accounting Practices).

Forecasting and budgeting is essential for effectively leading a business to sustained profitability. We can assist you in financial forecasting for the years to come, helping you stay on track to achieve your company’s financial goals.

Other accounting services we can assist you with include fraud prevention and detection, advisement on mergers, acquisitions, pensions, and business entity selection. Rest assured that if you have an accounting need, we have a solution for you.

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