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As a small business owner, you have plenty on your plate. After a long day handling any issue that arises, managing employees, and ensuring that your customers are satisfied, the last thing you have the time (or inclination) to do is sit down in front of long rows of numbers.

Let us take on a fraction of the stress of small business ownership out of your hands– allow us to  take care of your business’s bookkeeping needs. From start to finish, we’re equipped to handle anything related to your finances. From withholdings for insurance to payroll, to organizing financial records for tax purposes, we will ensure that everything’s in order.

We’re able to work with you in the manner that’s most convenient to your schedule. Find it easier to handle all of your financial issues after the fact? We’ve got you covered. Simply bring us your statements, check stubs, and receipts at the end of every month (or quarter, it’s your choice) and we will not just reconcile them, but also provide you with a detailed financial statement for that period.

Perhaps you find it easier to use Quickbooks for your accounting needs? Whether you choose the easy-to-use online version, which allows your accountant to log in and work with you remotely – or the more in-depth desktop edition, we have Quickbooks Pro Certified accountants on staff ready to assist you. Or, if you’re interested in purchasing Quickbooks for your business, we’ll be happy to help you determine which version would be most appropriate for your needs.

If you want to build a business with a solid foundation, it’s important that you invest in ensuring that you’ve got organized, effectively managed financial information. Don’t take the stress of your business’s bookkeeping on your shoulders. Instead, allow the qualified staff of TH&W to handle the books while you take care of what you do best – operating your small business.

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